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    Everybody’s favorite adoptive son Carlos Munoz, showing why he is becoming a force…

    Photo: Trevor Moran

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    Forecast for the Spartan… lots of rain.

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    Jordy Smith: 📷 @badboyryry_ via Instagram on Surftagram.com

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    Stephanie Gilmore, fully committed…

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    He is here to win…

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    Joan Duru, with a throwback to a time when waves were a bit kinder…

    Photo: Andrew Christie

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    Hiroto Arai

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    Owen Wright, and the return of swell at Lowers…

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    Pat Schmidt, tail high in New Jersey…

    Photo: Ryan Mack

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    Yadin Nicol

    photo by Corey Wilson

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    Nat Young, and the colors of Lowers…

    Photo: Derek Bahn